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We Provide Reliable Commercial Alarms System Installations to Businesses in Rochester, MI

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Commercial Alarm Systems: Rochester, MI | Building Security & Automation - security-alarmNo matter the type of business you run, having an alarm system implemented is essential for the safety of you, your employees, and any visitors your company may have. At Building Security & Automation, we are the leading business alarm company in Rochester, MI. We provide expertly designed fire and burglar systems that will keep your building safe in the event of an emergency. We understand that it’s hard work building a business, which is why it’s important to choose the right security feature that can protect your assets as well as those who are employed there.

Fire Alarm Systems Designed With Your Business in Mind

Commercial Alarm Systems: Rochester, MI | Building Security & Automation - 0124181520aOne of the most catastrophic events that can happen to your building is a fire. Not only is it a threat to the structure of your building, but those who are in it as well- such as employees and customers. Fires can be a substantial financial burden, and can even make some companies close their doors for good. We can help you reduce the risk of any fire-relates losses with our fire alarm systems. 

Whether you have a small company with five employees or a large company with 500 employees, we have the fire alarm system for you. We can install multiple fire alarms throughout a larger building to ensure all your employees get out safely. You can count on Building Security & Automation to detect, locate, and contact the nearest fire department for a fast response and safe evacuations. 

At Building Security & Automation, our services don’t just stop at installations! We will offer continued service, maintenance, and testing to ensure your fire alarm systems is up to code and working correctly. 

Commercial Alarm Systems: Rochester, MI | Building Security & Automation - 55542898945__2147974E-1BF8-499C-A049-0EA574130D46(1)The Burglary and Intrusion Features of Our Systems

We know your business is unique, just like your security concerns. We can come up and develop a security solution plan that is right for you. Our burglar alarms systems come with a wide range of features that’ll keep you on top things in the event of a crisis. 

  • Keypads - Our systems are controlled by using alphanumeric keypads that are either standard, integrated with your fire system, or wireless. With our keypads, we have internal sirens, and we can program them with quick keys for emergencies. 
  • Panic Buttons - Depending on the layout of your building, we can equip it with panic buttons that are either “on person” or “under the table.”
  • Motion Detectors - Our motion detectors come with ranges of up to 250 feet and can sense both motion and heat. 
  • Cellular Communication - Our company uses the 4G cellular network for alarm notifications. We can also install landlines for alarm notifications if necessary. 
  • Glassbreak Sensors - if your building has a lot of windows, investing in glassbreak sensors may be a good option for you. Our sensors can pick up the frequency of shattering glass that provides more security to your building. 

Protect your business with an alarm system you can count on. Give us a call today at (248) 759-8469 for a free security evaluation.