Access Controls

Custom Designed Access Control System Installations in Rochester, MI 

We offer fingerprint, keycard, and keypad protected access control systems for even the most complex and high-security environments.

Access Control System Installation Rochester, MI: Door Access Control System - security-accessInvesting in the right technology to protect your building, employees, and site visitors is essential for the success of your company. Building Security & Automation makes it simple to let the right people into your building, while keeping the wrong ones out. With our door access control systems, we design them specifically for your business’ needs such as performance, flexibility, and budget.

Our company understands that you want your business premises to be as welcoming as possible and make it easy for employees and staff to visit. However, at the same time, you need to ensure the maximum protection against any unwanted intruders on your premise, and the ability to allow specific permissions to key members of your staff. At Building Security & Automation, we create reliable, customized access control systems that utilize cutting-edge technology to keep your building and its tenants secured.

Access Control System Installation Rochester, MI: Door Access Control System - 55432259949__53A7D9E4-8901-4CFA-BC3D-9BBC9F6A4BB1Beyond Simple Building Access

Our access control systems do more than just open doors; they also track employee, visitor and any equipment movements in and out of your premises, as well as restricted areas within your facility. The access control systems we design can also automate employee time and attendance reporting. We offer a variety of security badge options which can be used with our biometric systems for dual verification purposes.

Access Control System Installation Rochester, MI: Door Access Control System - 55542898945__2147974E-1BF8-499C-A049-0EA574130D46Web-Based Access Control

Our web-based access control systems require no PC or hard drive which means they are flexible and can grow with your company. The security administrators of your building can efficiently manage the access control system from anywhere that has internet access.

Access Control System Installation Rochester, MI: Door Access Control System - IMG_0885High-Tech Solutions

Our company offers a variety of access control systems that can meet any requirements you may have. Whether you’d like a modest system that uses proximity cards or a high-tech biometric system that uses fingerprints and facial recognition¬ we can handle it all. 

Administrative Assistance

We understand that running a business is not easy. Our team can take some of the stress off of you by taking over the administrative work of any access system you have installed. From changing user permissions to adding new users, our team will be happy to help.

Open/Close Reports

Our crew can run special reports that will inform you of the times your employees entered and exited the building as well as who is accessing specific areas at specific times. 

Turnkey Solutions for Any Security Needs

Access Control System Installation Rochester, MI: Door Access Control System - IMG_6747At Building Security & Automation, we have expert access control installers that will oversee the entire installation process from start-to-finish. From site assessments to configuration and documentation of your customized system settings- our team will be there every step of the way and can answer any questions you may have.

  • Site Assessment – Our team will conduct a thorough site survey and design. Once we assess the basic schematic of your floor plan, we then address your security needs and questions.
  • Access Control System Installation – Our expert access control installers will install and optimize your access control system.
  • Cabling – The access control installers will then install and run the required ethernet, video and/or power cabling needed for the building.
  • The Configuration of Remote Workstations – Then, we will engage the user-friendly access control software and interface to connect, configure, and optimize any remote workstations for your specific system.
  • Documentation – Lastly, we will provide easy-to-use documentation, as well as the archiving of system settings for your specific unit.

At Building Security & Automation, we are a reliable and reputable security services provider that customizes and installs access control systems in buildings. For more information, give us a call today at (248) 759-8469 for a free security evaluation.